p.s. the end of the digital relationship

I am notorious for letting my mouth (or my fingers, in this case), get ahead of me.

I had declared my 2017, No Texting rule and in two weeks, I need to eat my words.

  1. It should have been “No Texting guidelines or goals”
  2. It should have been “my preference is to meet people in person” but to acknowledge that what I really need to do is meet the people I care about where they are (not where I want them to be)
  3. It’s all flexible and it’s all gravy, in reality

So, consider this my retraction and/or adjustment to my obnoxious on-high stance. It’s 2017, digital life is here to stay, my preference is to meet up with people in person because I do think that’s better (that I won’t back down from), but the other stuff does count, too.

Are we talking? Yes. Are we being as honest as we can? Yes. Okay, then we’re good.

[I do hate having to eat my words, but a little humility is good for the soul]

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