If you are in search of good reading…

Here are a few things I consumed in the past few days that you may want to take in as well:

Electric Lit: The Stranger’s Tongue
If you know me, you know that I love words and I love how words can shape your way of perceiving the world. Words have particular feels: in your mouth and in your ears. They are essential to our learning, our existence, and our inhabitance of our lives. This article talks about how ‘foreign’ words have seeped into the English language; the art of translation; the act of empathy that translation provides. It talks about, well… words.

The Bold Italic: How Twitter Amplifies Authoritarianism
A history of sound amplification and its link to the rise of Nazi Germany, how Trump hijacks our news cycle via Twitter, and an idea: if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s not a salmon. Therefore, if it looks like a troll, acts like a troll, tweets like a troll, hey, Jack Dorsey, what does Twitter do with trolls?

FT Alpha: What’s the price of meaningfulness?
The robots, as you know, are coming to take our jobs. Even the lawyers. We all need to start being creative and flexible, capable of coding and re-training ourselves at the drop of the hat. We need to be… more than. More than what we are; more than what we have ever been before. We need to make sure our jobs have ‘meaning.’ But, is the pursuit of meaning, is the pursuit of this liberal utopian idea, potentially going to annihilate us all, one way or the other? You decide.

New York Magazine: My 2 months in Social Media Rehab
This is candy. Chocolate maybe? Good candy; good chocolate. But this not creme brulee, and by that, I mean this is not the definitive, super-thought-provoking article on social media and its impact in your life. However, it is an easy, breezy, if not slightly cynical take on it and “tech-driven” therapy, and it provides something to munch on as you consider: why did I post that photo? Am I in it for the likes?

Guernica: The Trash Heap Has Spoken
Buckle up, boys and girls, you are in for a ride. In many Western cultures, it is a knee-jerk habit to judge and shame (either publicly or with some thinly-veiled private remark) both women and those that are fat. (I use that word because we need to stop flinching away from the brutality of it). When one is both, we will have an opinion. Often negative. And culture is unkind… Read this one, of all of these, read this one.

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