Social media update

I lasted for my 5 days. And now, I’m back.

Well, not really…

While I love those outrageous Snapchat filters, I didn’t reinstall that one. Or Twitter. Or LinkedIn. My Facebook and Instagram are back because I have specific usage for them (had a big announcement to make and headed on a trip where, barring weather issues, if I get a great photo or two, I would love to share), but other than that…

  • It’s only been 5 days off and I find scrolling boring
  • It’s only been 5 days off and it is so clear that the mind-buttons these apps are intended to hit square in the center are a little bit low and to the right
  • It’s only been 5 days off and going another 5 or 10 or 30 seems if not inevitable, definitely more than possible

I am not a person dragged towards extremes. I like moderation in most things with occasional bursts of excess. I’m not “going clear” anytime soon.

However, I like the fact that my Twitter is now private and its main value to me is an authenticated pathway to Medium (which has its own problems but also some great things, too). I like the fact that even as I reinstalled Facebook and Instagram, I had no desire to enable notifications and don’t think I ever will again. I like the fact that I am back in control and that these apps have already been reduced back to shiny, funny little toys and tools, and not arbiters of my social reality.

Experiment? Successful. Re-do? Not no.

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