Book Review: Impolite Conversations

“Politics is like the middle-aged white guys’ version of teenage girl talk.”


I haven’t even finished reading this book yet, but I can’t stop telling people to start!

Impolite Conversations on Race, Politics, Sex, Money, and Religion, by Cora Daniels and John L. Jackson, was released in 2014, but I only came across it 2 weeks ago in a bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

I am so glad it was rainy that day because when I need to pass time, I tend to walk around outside. If I had been walking around outside, I would have missed out on this gem.

I find it to be a frank and not excessively academic discussion on the more interesting topics that we have going on, but we often do consider them to be impolite or sensitive, therefore they fail to get addressed honestly in all public forums and even hedged about in private.

Another smart, meaningful quote on the consideration of social media as religion:

Religion is one of the ways in which we police ourselves…

Self-policing begins with self-inspection, which is one of social media’s most fascinating features. Not only does it blur the line between public and private life, between what’s appropriate to share with the world and what you should be ashamed to let your mama find out about you. Social media makes us complicit in our own surveillance…

The logic of Twitter and Facebook and other new social media is panoptic… They allow us to position ourselves into view for the world to see. Whether we see them looking at us or not, we have to internalize the fact that they could be watching.

That was from the essay “Is Twitter the new religion” and every single essay, or conversation, that I came across in this book is just like that. Thought-provoking, yet accessible and practical.

And, in light of the current times in which we live, immediately applicable. Go and get your own copy.

Really, go!



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