Settling in

Is there a right way to settle into a new town?

I’ve never done this before so I don’t have any experience with it. I’ve heard that it’s difficult (maybe?) I’ve heard that it takes ages to get your apartment setup (perhaps?) I’ve heard it is difficult to make new friends (challenge accepted?) I’ve heard…

A lot. So much of life happens by hearsay and that tends to shape the experience that you eventually up having, so…

I’m trying not to let hearsay warp my experience.

Alternatively, I’m not going to head into this with a “take this place by storm” approach either, because that doesn’t seem like a great idea either. That seems like false bravado and I don’t want to take on that pose either. Seems like a lot of hard work and probably not much reward.

Instead, perhaps I should try this my way? I’ve got some ideas…

  1. need take a cooking class! I’ve missed being in the kitchen and my mother gave me this awesome gift of a briefcase of knives + equipment! Quite literally, I can “pack my knives and go!”
  2. I miss going to the theatre and I don’t know why I stopped. So, I’m going to check out a musical. Or a play. Or both? There must be options.
  3. If a neighborhood pub is be found in my neighborhood, I do intend to find it.
  4. Of all the BBQ joints in the world, each and everyone one of them in this city I’ll walk into.
  5. I have lots of stories and I love to tell them. I hear that’s a thing these days? I think an investigation is in order.

It is so easy – and I can already sense it from myself – to stay home and molder. Or to just work a lot of hours and use that as a method to not doing what motivated my move in the first place: just getting on with it, the enjoyable parts of living, the messy parts, the human parts.

I don’t like moldering because I’m not mold. That makes sense, right?

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