Let it pass over

I can remember the first time I heard those words said to me:

Casey, just let it pass over.

It’s important to point out that it’s not “Passover” but “pass over” – there is a separation, an important one, because for me to refers to an action versus the thing itself, the thing being the holiday, the thing being the Biblical reference of the experience.

This time of year has always been special for me. So many people this weekend are celebrating and observing Passover, Easter, the Memorial… They are traveling to spend time with close friends and family; they are taking a moment away, where they can, to be away from it all. It’s important to do that, right? To step back from the secular minutiae of the world and its goings on, and to take a break.

To let it, well, pass over.

Just yesterday, I shattered my phone. I was talking to a friend on speakerphone while attempting to wrestle something out of the freezer and my phone slipped out of my hand, fell flat on its face, and went from smartphone to flip-phone in a second.

iPhone = 0. Kitchen Floor = TKO.

After that, I went into what could be called a “crisis repair mode.” The shattered phone was still working so I backed it up on one laptop as I ordered a new phone on the other and set it for store pick-up. I waited for the notification, hopped in my car and found parking in the most busy area of The District, went into the Apple store, got the phone and they gave me the option to activate it there – “it’ll just take 40 minutes” – I declined, said it would be faster for me to go back home and sync it, and I left the store.

And I looked around and asked myself: where are you in a rush to? What’s going to happen if you don’t hop back online immediately?

And so, I didn’t.

I found what is probably going to be my new favorite sushi place in Georgetown. I had a quiet, solo dinner by myself with no IG, FB, or mindless scrolling through news sites and blogs for reading. I just sat there, quietly, relaxed, ate good sushi, and drank nice tea. Then I drove myself back home, turned on the new iPhone in the background to set it up, and started fiddling around with my puzzle.

Then it didn’t activate.

Three hours and two laptops later: new phone still a brick, old phone still shattered, puzzle now 75% done and missing a piece. I threw in the towel and went to bed. This could wait until the morning. This could wait – as so many things can wait – and what was I going to do? Get upset about an accident? Get upset about not being able to call people without using Skype on my laptop? Get upset about…

That’s the thing. We are so easily frustrated today. The phone doesn’t work, get upset. There’s a long line, get upset. Customer service doesn’t answer as quickly as you like, get upset. The exact thing you want to eat the restaurant isn’t there, get upset. The person you thought you’re close friends with isn’t as responsive as you want, get upset. You don’t get a raise, get upset. Any “thing”  that happens which is not ideal = get upset.

Or, as I reminded this time of year, whether by the universe, my own stupidity, or just the fact that everyone is leaving town and so I can’t quickly get to restaurant that I wanted soup dumplings fun (get upset!) …

Let it pass over.

Let it pass over. These things aren’t important. Holding grudges with friends, exes, coworkers, family members, the random guy who likes to sing in off-tune Spanish the same broken verse at the top of his lungs every.single.bloody.day — breathe. Breathe: let it pass over. We are all guilty, and that is the right word – it’s guilt! – of doing things to others that frustrate and hurt them, as much as we are all subject to it, as well.

Every year at this time I reflect and I let go. It doesn’t escape me that this is also the time where I often have the most movement in my life, personally and professionally. You cannot move forward if you do not let go the baggage you are carrying. Each year, I try to let a little of that baggage go. Some years are better than others; this one is feeling pretty good because there is quite a bit going on I could keep carrying, I could keep holding onto, or–

I can let it pass over.

I am letting it pass over.

I am letting it pass over.

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