The space you occupy

I was chatting with my best friend tonight and we were musing on the brutal amount of travel we’ve both already had this year, and have coming up for the remainder of the year. But, that’s just the icing on the cake: we both have had a lot of change in our life in the last 6 months, too.

That’s a good thing.

In our chat, he made the remark that it was good to be home, but that there was still “room for improvement” in what was happening his life.

I agreed. There always is room, but then I said:

“Just because there is room for more doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the space you’re occupying.”

It rang true.
It rang true.

Life, this life, all lives, are full of ups and downs. In the last year, I have made friends and lost some; hurt someone and been hurt in return; been challenged with my work and also weighed down by it; I have laughed myself to tears and cried so hard I couldn’t breathe… until I took the next breath and moved on.

Movement, constant change, that is the stuff of life.

So, if you have a moment to just occupy a space, a good space: occupy it. Indulge in it even if it feels a little greedy, a little too much.

Let it be. Let it be before you move onto the next moment of change, of improvement that is necessary, of being productive, of getting over and getting on and getting done with–

Stop. Breathe. Breathe it in.

Savor it.

From 3,000 miles way, I have watched the gentle unfolding of things in my best friend’s life and then, one day, I blinked, and noticed that very much of the same was happening in my life.

It’s not perfect. It is never perfect, ha! And if it were, we are human beings: we would find a way to “fix” that perfection back into something more our taste, you know, dramatic and hobbled.

But, it is better than perfect. What has been happening to us, that has been caused by us, is real. It can be touched; it can be tasted; it can be felt as softly as a summer breeze, as fiery as a blaze in the California redwoods–

It is real. It is imperfect. It is occupying our space, our lives, in the most complete of fashions, and it is to be savored.

I have learned, finally, to savor things. To not focus too much on the future and to not dwell on the past. I have learned to enjoy the sweetness, to let it linger on my tongue, to let it soften my limbs and to let it warm up this chilled heart.

Finally, this life feels fully worth living.


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