Still waters

The last few weeks have been busy (too busy, just busy enough, not busy enough)–

Active. Agitated. Anxious. Adventurous.


The last few weeks have been so very much alive.
(Still waters run deep, they cover over what lies underneath)

On the way back from our trip this weekend, we got into a car accident. A somewhat minor fender-bender – no one was hurt – we were rear-ended on the expressway in stop-and-go traffic by a college student who was not paying enough attention.

It is when “stressful situations” like that happen, as my girlfriend refers to them as, in which you get to know the true measure of a person. Do they get upset? Do they fall to pieces? Are they angry and agitated and unthinking? Are they incapable of deciding what to do? Or, instead, are they practical, thoughtful, calm and reliable?

(Still waters run deep, there are multitudes underneath)

On the first part of this weekend trip, when we were apart, I had to have a conversation with my mother, a serious one, about what was real and what was not, and the difference between how she think I should live my life and how I am. It was not an easy conversation; it is not a thing most people need to do (though I think most people should have this conversation, no matter how you choose to live your life, it is about separating from your parents ideals versus your own). However, it happened, and words were calmly exchanged and it was left at a peaceful point.

And then the accident happened. And she checked in, on both of us, and asked to make sure she could remember her name.
(Still waters run deep, there could be something wonderful waiting to be revealed below)

I am in the act of deciding of what next for my career and where next to live. Will I stay in my current home in DC? Will I move across the water? We’re not ready to move in together, no, not this year, probably not the next, but when do you start to set your life up for the imminent next step? When do you put yourself in the position to be ready? Are you ready? Can you be ready, can you prepare yourself / brace yourself / open yourself up to all the hope and opportunities, really, everything that lies ahead?

You can, if you let yourself dive into your own power, if you let yourself simply be.

Just be.

Still waters. They run deep. You are deep. You contain multitudes. There is something wonderful inside of you, and it’s been waiting for you to just accept it.

It’s been waiting for you to just be.

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