A gentle pivot

In 2017, I started this project to talk about loving and living in a time where it felt like everything was breaking apart. Chaos was happening across the world and it was happening in my world.

It’s now 2019, and I think it’s time to talk about something else.

We still live in a world that feels dipped in fear. I say that not to be alarmist, but as I listen to the things my friends and coworkers tell me; as I read online dating profiles and Medium articles; as I read newspapers and listen to podcasts and watch comedy shows and see soul-deadening-why-don’t-we-all-just-die nihilistic memes spread across the Internet–

Dipped in fear is putting it lightly.

There is so much disconnection in the world. And so much … analysis. So much navel-gazing, self-anxiety-producing analysis that sometimes it is easy to get lost in the hole of it’s-all-wrong and what-to-do and why-try and hold-on-for-dear-life.

[Hold that thought for a moment]

also started this project in 2017 as a creative outlet. I had spent years being a very dedicated career professional, a rationalist, and it had not served me nearly as well as I had expected. You know the old warning: careful what you wish for you, you just might get it… And so, I needed something to wake me up, to bring me back to my sense of who I was.

I did some of that and all of this, now, needs a refresh. Needs a fresh coat of paint; needs new ideas to talk about; needs new forms to explore.

Therefore, 2019 is going to be about battling disconnection. 2019 is going to be about poetry and light and laughter. 2019 is going to be about exploration, fiction, and imagination.

Let’s see where this takes us. Ready to go on a new adventure?

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