Reflections in the middle of it all

It’s August. (How did that happen? I just blinked and then…)

The year is already half over and I don’t feel like this much time has passed, and yet, when I look back at the past 7 months–

  • I launched my own consulting shop and landed two active, challenging, and fun clients
  • I started my first CFO job
  • I’m mentoring a startup (that’s a thing, right?)
  • I moved to Long Island and had two housewarming parties (because one is never enough for me, I’m such a greedy soul)
  • I went to London … and New Orleans and Paris and Barcelona and Wilmington, NC and Boston and DC (again and again)
  • In fact, I’m pretty close to 20 flights already — I will crack the 30 again this year

My life is never quiet and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, I must admit, sometimes I look at my calendar, I look at what is next on the horizon, and I’m a little nervous. Can I do this? Will I survive? Will I enjoy it?

What’s on the list?

  • London… in 2 weeks. Then again in September (strong likelihood); October (very strong likelihood); November (annual pilgrimage) —
  • And Norway. Also Switzerland.
  • And maybe Wilmington, NC again for work, but possibly for play, maybe both
  • December in Montreal? Or Lake Placid?
  • Boston, definitely. And DC again.
  • Tempting West Coast work engagement
  • Pitching another major client (which is both good and bad: if it closes, the juggling act continues)
  • Supposedly, I may have a personal life in the middle of this, too (ha!)

I started this year off a little unsure. There was the fog, and as much as I tried to see through it, I couldn’t. I had no ability to predict this, that I would take the risk to start my own thing, that I would be navigating Charybdis and Scylla and succeeding and that I would be experiencing both professional heights and personal stability in ways I never had before–

If you had told me this, I would have laughed and poured you another drink.

But life, it sneaks up on you, right? It tiptoes right up behind you and goes “boo” in your ear, spooks you, makes you jump and leap forward into the things that were meant for you even as you slip away from the things that aren’t for you, that don’t suit your best interests.

This is a cycle, though, a never-ending one. This year, I’m waxing; next year? I could be waning. I don’t know, but I’m eager to find out. Even when I’m exhausted, I feel fulfilled. Even when I’m frustrated, I know this is where I need to be and that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

What a gift. What an absolute pleasure.

I remain open, always, to people and opportunities and experiences, as I remain anchored, most firmly, in a sense of rightness that I always wanted, but for the first time, ever, I’m 100% living it.

It’s August and only forward may I go. (I’m excited!)

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