After you have rested from your labors

Labor Day, as always, marks the end of the summer, the beginning of school, and the advent to the ending of the year. Every year it comes quicker than the year before; every year, I think “how did we get here?” and then I think “but there is still so much time left!”

Tackling the first:

  • Moved
  • Traveled
  • Worked
  • Worked some more
  • Got involved with someone

Alright, let’s cap off the first part of the year. And still so much time left, right?

  • Traveling (this week, October, November, and yes, December)
  • Working (balancing clients and debating a full-time role)
  • Staying involved (of course!)

That all sounds so simple, right? These are the natural state of things. You wake up every day, you do some standard set of activities, you eat, you drink, you copulate, you prevaricate, you breathe, you shower, you sleep — and then you do this again, day after day, week after week, and suddenly it’s Thanksgiving, suddenly it’s Hanukkah, suddenly it’s Christmas, suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve, and suddenly…

It’s all over. The year, that is, not your life. You did it! You made it to another flip of the calendar.

But did you enjoy it? Were you there for that living? Do you remember most of it, any of it? Were you present?

I don’t need to belabor the first part of my question. I’ve let that one marinate on me for quite some time. But each year, for me, the colors get brighter, the noises sink deeper into my ears, my heart beats faster and more steadily than ever before. I get more and more present in each and every facet of my life.

The trips that I have coming up aren’t random. They aren’t a compulsive desire just to “be traveling” because the finding of myself is an activity I’ve put to rest. I know who I am. I know where I’m going, who I’m going with, and most importantly, I know why. What I have from now until the 31st of December is just the chance to build, more brightly, the colors into the tapestry of my life: to share experiences with people that I respect and love; to laugh until my sides ache and tears leak from my eyes; to take up space and to give space to who and what has helped shape and make me into the person that I am.

The work that I’m doing is finally the work that I’ve wanted to do. The same way that people are testing out different “relationship shapes” (hmm monogamous, semi-monogamous, anarchist? — n.b. a thing I’ve no time for) I’m testing out my “work shapes.” Do I want to be full-time? Perhaps. Does it allow me to keep consulting and do my side projects? Maybe. Is it focused on the work that I think is both meaningful and financially rewarding so that I have live the life I choose and have the hobbies that I enjoy? That’s baseline. I no longer accept work and do jobs that devalue me or my worth, or fail to take it properly into account. This is my life now. I’m at the controls.

And staying involved, oh, as to that, that’s not for public comment, but it is for this public statement: know yourself, be yourself, don’t compromise on your values, live your best life, and be ready. That’s it.

Be ready. Life never happens on your timeline, it just happens. So, be ready.

Be ready and lean into it.

May you all enjoy the remaining four months in the year, be present, look alive out there, and go get it, whatever it is, at full force, hold nothing back, hesitate not at all, grind it out.

Get up and grind.

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