About Me


I’m a banker. And a swimmer, an armchair philosopher, a solid cook, a fantastic eater, and a reader of many books, newspaper, short stories, and various articles. I read more than I write, and I write more than I watch.

In other words, I have a lot going on. I assume that you do, too.

I started this project in November 2016 as an antidote to a misspent, misguided, and outrageously fun youth, and a window out of what felt like a suddenly crazy, incomprehensible, and misanthropic world. I thought sharing a single, individual perspective would resonate with someone.

It did.

I’ve ended this project in September 2019  as a completely different person, a better person I would be willing to say, and while the world is still absolutely mad, I know now that there are many people who are doing their part, day by day, in ways big and small, to make it better.

We’re all going to get through it. Tyranny has never trumped love (n.b. pun intended); we are all going to make it.

Leave nothing on the table. Live your life unbounded, sans limits and shame. Love broadly, connect deeply, and run full force at the things you want.

You, we, have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Go out there and get it.